Is Olive Oil Good For Diabetic

Is Olive Oil Good For Diabetic Patients – Type 2

Health is the most prioritized thing which every person should care about it. Using a fit and rich diet plan you can store your body again. According to science, using olive oil is one of the major things in your diet which can efficiently prevent your diabetes and boost your inner body health as well as make you strong and fresh. Olive oil best thing in diabetic patients is that it will amazingly reduce your glucose levels, and also it maintains low-density lipoprotein.

The most common query which many people want to ask is that is olive oil good for diabetic persons? Well, you will happy to know that it is rich in diet and it will not only control your glucose levels but also prevent most of the diseases which diabetic patients face.

American Diabetes Association declares a report that using olive oil in your diet is effectively reduces your overall body fat and also insulin manages insulin sensitivity.

This oil contains polyphenols, also having omega 3 and omega 6 to control fatty acids. Having a variety of 25 antioxidants properties which helps you a lot in your daily life routine. But keep in mind, that this oil comes with virgin and extra virgin variety.

  • Virgin Olive Oil – In this oil, the olives are completely pressed with the help of stone pressing or some other hydraulic without any physical decay.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – The amount of acidity and other fatty acids make this oil different.

What is Diabetic Disease?

If your blood sugar level is in control then your body will fit and great. When these sugar levels fluctuate, you will notice unhealthy things in your body. So, this is one of the major diseases and can cure carefully.

There is no need for negligence, otherwise, it may harm very badly. Healthy fat is the source to make your body fit, fresh, and strong. Checking your sugar levels and maintain  it in moderate form.

While eating our diet, our body naturally starts processing glucose. Also, with the help of the pancreas enzymes are breakdown. In most cases of diabetic patients, they can not rely only on pancreas work.

To work normally of your body you have to keep your glucose levels fit. The ideal and great range of sugar levels in our body is about 90-110mg/DL before breakfast. In the post-meals, it should be less than 160mg/DL.

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Why do blood sugar levels increase?

  • Not proper timing of diet.
  • Eat unhealthy and heavy meals every day.
  • Taking stress is one of the major aspects to increase your diabetic issue.
  • Illness for a long time.
  • Unhealthy and sedentary type of daily life routine.
  • Skip necessary medication which you need on time.
  • Using a high amount of sugars in your diet.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Diabetic

After using this oil in your diet, you will see its positive results after some time. A variety of things in olive oil will give you a strong body and remove your fat which is the main for diabetes. Some benefits of olive oil are mention here:

  • Monounsaturated fats are healthy for diabetic patients, and using olive oil in your diet will enhance and maintain your physical body as well as control your glucose levels. These monounsaturated fats make 73% of olive oil.
  • According to scientific research, oleic acid also contains olive oil which helps you to prevent inflammation situation. If the rate of inflammation is less than the disease which comes with the inflammation will also decrease.
  • The also major benefit of this oil is that it will control your heart and maintain it in good health. Also, it prevents heart stroke because it has proven effects on cardioprotective. This means that olive oil is worth more because using olive oil, can save you from any serious heart disease, and also it treats well to high blood pressure patients.
  • If you use this oil with other rich foods like tomatoes and carrots, it will double the care of your heart to prevent any disease. While making a salad, if you add some drops of olive oil then it will be a great idea!
  • Vitamins E and K are the best and great natural tools for your body. Good thing is that olive oil is also rich in these vitamins. It will enhance and boost your hair growth and make them shine.

How should you buy the right and best kind of olive oil?

There are some precautions and mandatory things which you need to be the focus on while buying olive oil from any store.

  1. To make three-liter olive oil, then you need a total of 40 kg of olives. Because of this quantity, it will make it expensive for oil around the world.
  2. Keep in mind that all olive oil is not the same but gives you high quality of the oil. Before buying, you have to focus that the color of the bottle that is not transparent or clear. It should be a dark glass type of bottle. Because due to olive it prevents light to get in.
  3. If you store your olive oil on the stove, then don’t do it again. Nor the cap of the bottle should be tightly screwed. If heat and air are inserted easily into the olive oil then it will oxidize the whole oil, which makes it unusable and rancid.
  4. You have to store the oil in a neat and clean dry place. The temperature of the environment should be cool.
  5. This oil uses olives to be pressed and extracted at a temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of oil is not heated during the whole process and no need for further refining. It will come with unrefined and chemical-free oil to use in your diet. Making salad or dressing it with bread is a perfect combo for you.
  6. Make sure that the bottle is a label with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) or OO (Olive Oil). You can use OO for your fine cooking and for drizzling purposes you should use EVOO.
  7. Cold extracted olive oil is the great and best natural preservation of the oil. But you have to take care of the heat, if excessive heat reached the oil then the antioxidants can be damage.
  8. You will get a higher amount of polyphenol if the oil is fresh and have an expiry date.
  9. You have to focus on its expiry date and buy within 14 months after its harvest date.
  10. Using oil on a high flame can cause damage to its benefits. So, you have to cook your meal on medium flame after that you will get healthy food for you. Because medium flame will preserve its polyphenol content and provide great oil to your diet.


People who have diabetic and want to improve their body health, then they have to use olive oil in their diet. It will give you lots of benefits which is great for your body because it will control blood sugar levels and maintain them.

Also, it will help you to remove extra fat from your body and make your body fit and healthy. Using olive oil to reduce the effect of diabetes is an effective investment. After a time, it will give you a drastic positive change in your diabetes.

If you suffer the serious condition of diabetes then it is helpful to consult your doctor. With a small investment, you can keep records and check your sugar levels on daily basis. Olive oil is worth using in your diet to get the best and healthy life whether you have diabetes or not.

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